Trouble Shooting Artisan Dough

If you’ve followed my bread making posts, you’ll know I’m an Artisan Dough in Five Minutes fan. I adore the cookbooks and the bread because it saves me time and money. I don’t just make bread with the dough. I’ve made calzones, pizza, sandwich thins, naan, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread, chicken braid, stromboli, English muffins and more.

I want to give you some encouragement if you’ve had trouble with this dough. No one is a perfect baker, especially me. I’ve failed a few times at baking and cooking. This bread recipe is so easy because I mix it in a shoe box and it takes 5 minutes hands-on time. It sits for two hours on the counter-and guess what over two is fine too. I have a beginner post, Artisan dough 101, if you want to jump in and try it.

The authors, have a fantastic website. One of their readers asked if they could still use it if it sat overnight and their answer was yes. Read about it here.

All good things take practice. Okay, in the bread world, all beautiful loaves takes practice. I want to share some helpful vlogs at the author’s website, Artisan Bread in five. These will be helpful for those who need a visual, specifically a video:).

Enjoy perfecting your bread. P.S. I don’t use scissors to cut my dough. I just grab a portion with floured hands.

How to Shape Particularly Wet Dough

How to shape a whole grain loaf

Some of you have mentioned dense crumb. It’s sticky, what am I doing wrong? Here’s some Q and A from the authors.


They have a FAQ page which is helpful for other questions.

I visit this site frequently to see what they are making and challenge myself with new ideas, like doughnuts (haven’t made them yet).

What recipes have you tried from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes Cookbook? Or Healthy Bread in Five Minutes Cookbook? What has your experience been?

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