Tostada Bar Feeds a Crowd

Here’s a an inexpensive, yet fun way to host a crowd: tostada bar. What’s a tostada? It’s just a flattened hard shell corn tortilla. Think of as an untwisted taco. It’s flat and easier to load a lot of fun toppings. I thought I’d pass along the tostada fun in case you’re looking for a new way to grill and feed a lot of people, not 75 like our pancake/waffle bar. Sometimes a homemade bar like pizza bar or potato bar (very inexpensive) needs a revival.

This meal comes together within minutes, not hours, thanks to a little freezer prep and prior planning.

Here’s some topping ideas to get your mouth watering:

Tostadas, of course

Grilled Chicken Fajita or Cooked Seasoned taco meat


Lots of shredded cheese

Pintos and Cheese

Black Bean and Corn salsa or pico de gallo

Fresh fruit of any kind

Fresh lettuce or spinach, black olives, sour cream, guacamole or avocado, pickled jalepeno slices, ranch dressing and tortilla chips

What would you add to our tostado bar? Lots of people to eat with?

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