Top 4 Reasons Why I Freezer Cook and Shutterfly Giveaway

Do you wonder why I spend a little extra time planning, cooking and cleaning? It’s because I’m a freezer cook straight to the core. I started eleven years ago with a little here and there by baking muffins and quick breads for family and friends. Now I freezer cook nearly everything, as you can tell by my weekly menus. Here’s the top 4 reasons why I’m passionate about freezer cooking:

  • Frugal: I save money buying in bulk
  • Energy efficient: I’m exerting less kitchen in the future when I’m having to re-heat only
  • Timesaving: I’m saving time in the long run
  • More Family Time: Less time in the kitchen allows me to spend more time with my growing family
I love to capture those moments on camera. My favorite ways to archive our memories are through online photo books, holiday cards and lots of prints. Shutterfly is a favorite hot spot where I go to preserve our special family shots like this
and this.
Shutterfly has graciously provided 25 holiday cards for three of my readers. I personally love the vivid colors and the creativity the site allows. It looks like I have plenty of photos to download to this season’s cards.

Here’s how to qualify for a chance to win 25 totally free cards, envelopes and free shipping. Visit the Shutterfly holiday product pages and comment below about your favorite product(s). And visit our facebook page and “like Mom on Mission” for an extra chance to win.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll announce the three winners one week from today.

Do you need more family photos for your holiday cards? Perhaps you could do a little more freezer cooking to have time to capture those priceless memories?

Do you blog? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here.

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