Top 2014 Freezer Cooking Recipes

Here are the top five favorites from my loyal freezer friends, ENJOY! You must try at least one or two methods if you haven’t this new year!

I’m challenging you to jump on the freezer cooking wagon and double your next meal. Label a freezer bag, cool food completely and fill it with an extra meal. Squeeze the air out and freeze it.

thawing box

Thaw it overnight in a plastic shoe box, AKA my thawing box in the refrigerator.

bagged italian meatballsGet ready to have a super quick meal with little or no effort. Give yourself a pat on the back, wasn’t that easy?spinach collage (1)How to FreezeFresh Spinach: 2 ways

I use this spinach in cooked foods only. It’s great for sneaky taco meat and meatballs, smoothies and more.

Please, please puree your nearly wilted spinach, freeze it and use it in your next soup.


World’s Easiest Boiled Eggs

I make these nearly every week. Five out of six of us eat them for breakfast, snacks, on salads and more.

crock pot manicotti (1)

Crock Pot No Boil Manicotti

I have a baked version as well. Did you know you can freeze the stuffed manicotti shells for a super quick crockin’ meal?

how to freeze pasta

How to Freeze Pasta

I double all my pasta and rice and freeze it for quick meals. I can have cooked pasta on the table in 5 minutes verses 30.

crock pot chicken

Crock Pot Chicken and Brown Rice

I have made this many times for a ministry meal. Plus I’ve cooled, bagged and frozen single servings for quick individual lunches and dinners.

Say goodbye to Stouffer or Lean Cuisine meals this year.

I’ve been busy taking inventory and restocking my freezer for the new year. I also want to eat more local meats this year. I’ve been purchasing most of my chicken from Ingles and ground turkey from Aldi and haven’t purchased local bulk red meat in about two years. I’m looking into more healthier choices for my family and of course, utilizing freezer cooking methods! I have a super easy way of making crock pot meals using raw meat that I will share very soon.

What’s your freezer cooking goals this year?

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