To Frost or Not to Frost Cinnamon Rolls to Freeze for the Beach

IMG_1131Are you wondering whether you should frost cinnamon rolls for the freezer? I’ve done it both ways; without frosting and with frosting. When I went to the beach a couple weeks ago, I decided to make all my cinnamon rolls with the icing at one time. Then I placed them in smaller foil containers from the Dollar store to make it easy to thaw a small batch at a time throughout the week. Now we have lots of breakfast choices including bacon egg and cheese wraps, muffins and bagels as well as these scrumptious cinnamon rolls that require a slight warm in the microwave.


They hit the spot with coffee in the morning or for any sweet treat throughout the day. Click here for my easy shoe box recipe.

As you can see I’ve made the frosting and attached it with the rolls as a gift before. Either way is excellent for easy, delicious cinnamon rolls without the fuss of making a mess :0

cinnamon roll gift


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