To Better Health and Beyond Series: Sharing Local Meat

After watching Food, Inc. I was convicted to buy local meat for our family. I’ve been very pleased with the local meat I purchased from Warren Wilson College in May. I wished I had snapped a picture for you. I divided it between another family and I failed to do it. I picked up another box to divide between two other families.

Dividing a large lot of meat, like a 20# box makes it more economical for families. I just did a shout out at my church and asked who was interested in sharing. Four of us went in and purchased meat for the bulk rate of 6.50/#. This seems a little higher than the store, but we had a variety of beef in our box. Roasts, tenderloins, sirloin steaks, ground beef, ribeye, etc. Tenderloin and ribeye run 19.00 and 14.00-ouch. You wouldn’t catch me buying this at the store. I’d rather have someone cook the steak for me at that price. But because it was it my lot, I gladly and joyfully cooked it and ate it.

We enjoyed the sirloin steak as

0602011643.jpg 0602011708.jpg 0602011737a.jpg

cheese steak sandwiches.


I thawed, baked and cooled and refroze the ground beef for taco meat and Italian meatballs and


Southwest hamburgers

I made Italian beef sandwiches with my chuck roasts. These were cooked from a frozen state overnight and served the next day. I refroze the leftovers for additional sandwiches. I served Asian honey kabobs and stir-fry on other nights. I did not tally up the number of meals we ate from 10 # of beef, but it was a lot. We have a tenderloin, ribeye and New York strip left that I will make cheesesteak sandwiches with because it was a huge hit.

Thankfully, I’m participating in the Hickory Nut Gap CSA beginning in July. I promise to snap the picture for you and share the different cuts of beef and prices. In the meantime, here’s the link to Hickory Nut Gap Farm so you may begin to shop around in your local area for a CSA or lot of beef ranging from 20#, 60#, 1/4 beef. Consider sharing with another family like I did.

Read the first health series post here. Is your health worth buying local meat?

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