To Better Health and Beyond-Clean Eating

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Have you heard of the Eat-Clean Diet? It’s really not a diet at all, it’s a lifestyle. It’s healthy eating the whole foods way. I’ve been reading the book and the cook book. The author has a lot of good information about whole foods and how to lose a few pounds.

Eating whole foods has become a lifestyle for our family. It began with my first son, eight years ago and it’s evolved to where it is now. It’s kept unwanted pounds from creeping up on my husband and I both. We have sweets the whole foods way; I bake with white whole wheat flour and olive oil or butter and raw sugar. I emphasize, it took us eight years to get where we are today.

When you have an active lifestyle, like most modern families with children, freezer cooking whole foods is the way to go. Cooking and freezing lean protein sources, like beans, chicken or lean pork and very little lean red meat will not only save your pocketbook, but it will save you much time. Check out my post on chicken kabobs to see how much chicken I really did prep.

I’ve already implemented many of the author’s ideas about eating-clean: shopping the perimeter of the store, cooking protein sources ahead of time, eliminating soda, eat a variety of food sources and read food labels. There are many more ideas in the book and cookbook which may be available at your local library. I like to check the library or preview borrowed books before I purchase. I gleaned many baking ideas and I plan to post a few recipes from this cookbook.

In a nutshell, eating-clean is eating God’s way-in the most natural form possible. Your body is God’s temple and you are you eat. You’re striving to eat “back to the basics” without the food additives and preservatives. You can do this by carefully reading food labels at conventional grocery stores, shopping at natural stores like Earthfare or Greenlife, and cooking and freezing homemade items made with minimal ingredients. I prefer the latter method because it’s time saving, cost effective and healthy for my family.

What clean-eating goals have you set for yourself or your family this year? I’m baking nearly all of our bread and trying new cracker recipes. How about you?

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