Tips for the forgetful cook-like me

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Oops, I Forgot!!

I have a friend with a teenage son. He decided to make cookies in the microwave and he thought he should bake the Pillsbury dough on high for thirty minutes in the microwave. The parents were gone and he forgot about the cookies until he smelled them smoking. Thankfully, the house didn’t burn down, but my friends ended up in their camper for two weeks while the house was fumigated. Oops, the lesson is to teach our kids how to cook and don’t forget about our food that is cooking. Here are some helpful tips for the forgetful cook:

  • You forgot to thaw your bag of convenience chicken or taco meat the night before. No worries, cooked chicken can thaw in a flash in a bowl filled with cold water. Allow it to set for thirty minutes to an hour before you’re ready to create a masterpiece.


  • Freeze cooked meats in a pint or quart size freezer bag and portion them in 1 to 2 cup amounts. Smaller amounts thaw quickly-you can always use two or more bags if your phone rings and company’s coming. Make a big batch of 5 minute tacos or taco salad.


  • You’re going to be out all day. How can you have a hot dinner ready when you get home? Break out the crock pot and cut open a thawed bag of soup or chili (if it’s frozen, slice the zipper off and slit it down the middle-cook on high for 6-8 hours) Set it on low for 6-8 hours and viola dinner ready when you get home.


  • You really want to eat that enchilada casserole you froze, but it’s solid as a rock. Guess what? You can still cook it from a frozen state. You’ve done with Stouffers and you can do it with yours. Just add about thirty to forty-five minutes extra time on your original cooking time. Make sure it’s hot and bubbly before you dig in.


  • Are you a forgetful person and you’re afraid you will never know what is in your freezer? Use a freezer inventory sheet (click on printable resources to your right) to remember what you have in your freezer and a menu plan to help you remember what to thaw each day.

What do you most often forget to do when you are cooking?

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