The Never Ending Potato Talk

Ladies, if you’re in need of a girls night out and you happen to live in Asheville or close by, there’s a an event called Radiance, a city wide women’s ministry event going on Thursday, July 28.

Click here to join their facebook and learn more.

I’m honored to be a guest speaker at this event and share scripture from Mark 6:30 and parallel it with five potato points God’s placed on my heart. Learn how to be on Mission for Christ through this humorous presentation, plus learn a few freezer cooking tips while you’re there.

Grab a girlfriend or several and join us a St. Paul’s Church of Rosscraggon  Road in Arden at 7 p.m., Thursday July 28. You’re invited for amazing food, fun and fellowship.

Can’t make it? Jackie’s available to share this topic in the Asheville or surrounding areas. Contact her through the “Meet Jackie” page.

I can’t wait to meet some of you in person.



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