The Kupp’ 4 Pack Saves This Mom

Four kids need four cups.If you know by now, I have four kiddos that keep me running in different directions. Our family travels to four different schools every week day. I carve out time to freezer cook to save myself time, money and energy. Of course, I’m thrilled with the Kupp’ four pack bundle  to save my sanity and teach my children responsibility while I’m at it. If you hang out at my house for a while, you’ll find cup after cup after cup dirty on every counter. It’s my pet peeve that my kids use the same cup all day so I started writing their name on a plastic cup with a sharpie. Can anyone relate?

And then the Kupp’ 4 Pack came along…

And impressed me…

This Kupp’ four pack bundle saved the day with different BPA free 6 oz. glasses covered with soft handled silicone. It’s their very own personalization that makes it fabulous. No more searching for a sharpied cup :) They can quickly choose a color and start pourin’.

This momma is happy because…

The four pack Kupp’ is saving me time, money and energy just like freezer cooking! I’m not washing cup after cup after cup; my hot water bill will decrease and my energy is spent else where besides the kitchen sink. No more wasteful washing.

I’m thrilled because…

Kate Oliver, founder of the Kupp’ is a mom of four just like me. She wants to teach her kids responsibility and save plastic cups. I feel greener using these cups and I am inspired by this upbeat video on the Kupp’ blog.

Why buy one Kupp’ when you could have the whole set? The 4 pack bundle of the Kupp’ is perfect for families with four kids or if you’re simply looking to buy multiple cups for your son or daughter. When you order your kids cup set, you can choose one of each color or choose to order the same color for all four. No matter what color combination you pick, the 4 pack of kids’ cups comes at a reasonable price here.

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