The Chicken Project=One Dozen Eggs So Far


We have a dozen eggs plus four more prior to these. This dozen is waiting patiently to be fertilized by the rooster. Our kids want to hatch a baby so we’re attempting to allow them to pile up so the hens will sit on them. Wouldn’t this be a great science experiment? I have no idea what to do next.

A glimpse of the chicken coop in the woods.


A peek at the six chickens and rooster. Check out their names and close-up shots from post number one of The Chicken Project.


The rooster goes cock a doodle do without the extra “o”. He cuts his doo short for some reason (this is actually a good thing because he’s not near as loud as a regular rooster). Thankfully, I never hear him in the morning, so I know he’s not disturbing any neighbors. Our neighbor below us has chickens and a rooster and we hear his quite frequently. Our rooster’s got some catching up to do.


The green part is where they lay their eggs and sleep at night. Maintenance has been easy so far. The boys give the chickens pellet food and some fresh grass each day. The watering mechanism in the back needs filling about every four days. We let them free roam, just like dogs, everyday. They are allowed outside the cage to peck around for insects. They like to stay close by. My oldest son is getting efficient in herding them back in. The cage protects the chickens from predators, which we do have in our area of NC. We’ve had a bear near our house before. I don’t think it would be interested in chickens, but who knows.

Don’t you like a woman’s perspective on the technical terms of raising chickens?

More information coming later…

Do any of you have chickens or want chickens for fresh eggs?


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