The Chicken Project


Our kids always want a pet. They always ask for dogs, but how can you divide a dog between four kids?

We have an announcement. We are proud owners of five bantam chickens and one rooster. My husband got a wild hair and decided to buy a chicken coop in his school colors (bright green and gold) and put in in our woods. We each have a chicken to have and hold.


They are known as miniature chickens, friendly and colorful. As you can see, they are small enough to hold, friendly for the kids to carry and they come in various colors. We have three like the one above and two black.


My son is holding a black one and he allows him to peck at the ground for ants and bugs. Each of chickens have friendly names: Anna , Isabelle, Ellie, Henrietta, Henna. The kids proudly named them all.

FWD: David Brown <*)))><

This is our rooster, Truett, named after Truett Cathy from Chick-fil-A. He is not very loud. I suppose it’s his size. I was worried our neighbors might complain or momma would complain when the rooster woke me up at the crack of dawn. I haven’t heard a peep in the morning. I do hear him every once and a while.

We got the coop and chickens on Friday. Monday, the kids were surprised with these two very small eggs. I guess it’s going to take two of these sweet things to equal one egg. It’s going to make cooking and baking interesting. I’ll keep you informed and I promise to keep the recipes in standard format; they won’t call for eight mini-eggs even if I’m using them:)

We’ll keep you updated how many eggs our chickens are producing. Let me know if you have any comments or questions just in case you’d like to raise bantam chickens or any other type in the near future.

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