The Chicken Project Series: All Natural Babies!

Two New Babies Hatched


And they didn’t come from the incubator. My grade schoolers arrived home early from their last day of school to find these two new chicks in the coop. Yes, these were the ones the two hens have patiently sat on for the last twenty-one days.

Over a month ago, we put several eggs in an incubator hoping to hatch a few chicks because we couldn’t get the hens to sit on a pile of eggs. Of course, three weeks into the incubator process one hen decides to sit on her eggs and she became what you call ”broody.” However, my husband calls it, moody. She will peck you if you reach inside near her eggs–but wouldn’t you? Read about it here. Now there are two hens sitting on twenty eggs. With a 50% hatch rate, we might have a few more. Our incubator yielded two chicks and now we have two more that hatched ALL NATURAL!


Here’s the four cuties running around in the box under a heat lamp. We’ll let you know how many more are born. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my egg recipes. I’m adding to them each week.

I know it’s hard to talk about eating eggs watching these runts, but we gotta eat the eggs and make this Chicken Project worthwhile:) Now we have one chick for each of our four children. Who knew we would have chickens for pets.

Did you know cooked eggs are freezer friendly? Do you have any fantastic egg recipes?

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