The Chicken Project: 9 chickens and Counting

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You won’t believe how many chickens we have from this project so far. We started with eight in the incubator and only two of those hatched. Then two of the hens decided to go broody (or moody) and they sat on their eggs. They kept a clutch of twenty eggs to themselves. So far, seven of those have hatched naturally (without our intervention with the incubator). They sit on the babies once they hatch and we’ve been unsuccesfull capturing a good picture.

Caleb is holding one of the incubator chicks, Chirp. We moved the two incubator chicks to the coop with the other ones, so that makes nine total chicks with more coming; we just don’t know how many.

Sad news…Chirp died a week later and we’re not sure why, which means we have eight chicks and that’s the final count folks. The hens are no longer broody and their eggs got cold. Hubby threw them away after a week. So we still have 5 laying hens and eight chicks and a rooster.

We’re going to have a lot of chicks when this hatching is over. These chicks will not lay eggs until next year, but we’re going to have a slew when we do-just more to freezer cook with;)

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  1. Heather

    Wow! How exciting?! Sorry to hear about the loss of Chirp though. Hope that kids didn’t take it too hard. Well, if you ever have too many eggs next year and want to sell some, I would be interested. Good luck on your project!

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