The Best Store-Bought Cupcakes {secret ingredient}


What better way to ring in a three-year-old birthday party with my famous “store-bought” cupcakes, that taste like they came from a bakery. Shhhhh. It’s just a little shortcut I only use at birthday parties when I’m crunched for time. It helps out when there’s cleaning and some other whole foods treats to be made. The bonus: there’s a secret ingredient I plant inside the cupcake to get rave reviews. I only started making them this way about four years ago at an event when someone asked me to bring cupcakes and I had leftover Halloween candy. The best kept secrets are born out of time crunches :)


Ignore this if you only eat whole foods, or not, if you need to make awesome cupcakes fast. I use a butter cake recipe always and the secret ingredient is out: a little candy bar planted right in the center when baking.


If you can make a cupcakes from a box, you can make these. Make your cup cakes according to the box directions, just cut up your candy bars into 3/4 to 1-inch pieces and plop in the middle of your 2/3 cup full cupcake batter. It’s so easy to bake as usual and frost with your favorite frosting, We went with pink strawberry icing on this party and chocolate on the last 5-year-old Pirate party here.

I promise this is the easiest and tastiest cupcake that will get you tons of compliments every time. It’s ALMOST as if you bought them at a bakery because it has an extra touch. I’m sure you can think of other candy bars and frosting combos that would be just as fabulous. The secret is out, feel free to share this recipe :)



On what occassion do you need a fast, delicious store-bought cupcake?



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