Thawing foods in a shoebox

Thawing bags of food can be tricky because moisture is developing as they thaw. I’ve tried to thaw quart size bags on a plate before, but it takes up a lot of space in the fridge and the corners will drip onto the shelves. Have you ever had this problem? Here’s some refrigerator thawing tips.

The answer is to use 5 or 6 quart plastic shoebox (dollar store kind) in your fridge. I keep one handy in my cabinet for thawing purposes.  My current box holds 3 bags of fajita chicken in marinade. I started thawing this out two days ago for dinner on Thursday. Since I had over six pounds of chicken, it needed a good 2 day thaw. The box fits nicely in between shelves.

Guess what? The box catches all the condensation as it is thawing. When I’m ready to grill, I can use the box to transport the chicken and then I wash it in hot soapy water for the next thawing.

If  you forgot to thaw your food in the fridge and you need a quick thaw (2 hours or less), you can immerse your frozen bags in cold water for a while or try microwave thawing. Don’t leave it in the water all day, especially if it’s meat, this is unsafe thawing.

I typically thaw soups, meat, poultry, sauces and broths in my box. What could you thaw in your box?

2 thoughts on “Thawing foods in a shoebox

  1. JulieBee in Iowa

    Hi Jackie. I am up way too late looking at recipes and following “just one more link” and found your site. I already can’t remember which link brought me here! It is past my bed-time. I am very interested in your recipes and freezer cooking advice! Already I’m wondering why I hadn’t thought of using a shoebox for thawing our frozen meat in. Thank you for sharing on your pretty site. Now to go bookmark this and make a note so I don’t forget to come back tomorrow.. God bless.

    1. admin

      Oh so glad you found this helpful. I practically leave it in my fridge thawing something all the time. I also use it to do a cold water thaw when I’m in a pinch (forgetting to thaw over night). I use it to mix homemade bread in a shoe box. Who would have known it’s much more useful than a SHOE Blessings, thanks for sharing.

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