Thanksgiving Make Ahead/Freezer Cooking Menu

It’s very rare that I make a complete Thanksgiving Dinner. This year I wanted to give my parents a break from cooking and decided that I would invite them as well as my brother and his girlfriend for dinner. And they accepted! So I’m planning from Monday through Thursday to do a little each day and be prepared on the big day with little or no stress {that’s my hope, anyway}. Here’s my list of make ahead/freezer cooking items I’m making through Wednesday and the last minute items will be baked on Thursday.

I’m planning very simple meals from either the freezer or soup/sandwiches until Thanksgiving. I want to everything to be smooth sailing in the kitchen. We shall see and I’ll keep you posted.

Tentative Thanksgiving Menu:

  • Whole Turkey-Thursday
  • Mashed Potatoes with Gravy-Wednesay; mash Thursday
  • Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows-Wednesday
  • Sage Stuffing-Wednesday
  • Cabbage Casserole-Wednesday
  • Deviled Eggs-Thursday
  • Pineapple-Orange Salad-Wednedsay
  • Butterhorns-Bake Thursday
  • Homemade Apple Pie-Tuesday; bake Thursday
  • Homemade Pumpkin Pie-Monday; bake Wednesday
  • Punch with Sherbet-Thursday
  • Sweet Tea and Coffee

Do you have any make ahead/freezer cooking items on your to-do list before Thursday? I’d love to hear your plans in the comments below.

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