Thanksgiving Bread Ideas

shoe box bread

Who has Thanksgiving without bread? Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate healthy bread into a meal. I have to admit the homemade crescent rolls are more time consuming than the Shoe box dough {no kneading}, but oh so worth it on this special occasion. I made these last year and they are so yummy and make a huge amount. I freeze leftovers for future ham crescents. If you like biscuits, the sour cream ones are super easy and the healthier ones with whole wheat flour are great for making homemade stuffing which is why you need some homestyle cornbread to mix in your stuffing. I use both when I’m making stuffing.  Last is the Artisan bread which is super easy with the Shoe box dough.


 Shoebox sandwich bread


Homemade Whole Wheat Butterhorns


World’s Easiest 3-Ingredient Sour Cream Biscuitshealthier biscuits

 Healthier Biscuits


 Homestyle Cornbread

Artisan bread

 How to bake 4 Loaves of Artisan Bread

What is your favorite bread for holidays?


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