Thankfulness Rather Than Bitterness

thankful verse
I had a woe is me moment yesterday, feeling bitter instead of thankful. As I had my quiet time this morning I started compiling what I have to be thankful for.

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Instead of complaining about walking on particle board, I  am thankful for a floor to walk on. In Guatemala zone 18 where I visited two years ago, they had dirt floors. I have brand new floor to come. Twenty-eight boxes will go down on Thursday. Patience is a fruit of the spirit ;)


Instead of feeling bitter about my new van being quirky and not starting, I am thankful to have a vehicle to take me places. It has a warranty and I am able to get it repaired.

Instead of feeling discouraged and bitter about a new pipe we found leaking under our home, I am thankful we have plumbing and running water. In Guatemala there was no running water or pipes in their homes. We have two other showers to use and we have resources to fix the pipes.

I will be thankful in all circumstances. Thank you God for my many blessings and forgive me for taking them for granted.

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I have awesome food on the table. We are enjoying our healthy fried squash and okra.IMG_2608

My daughter is learning about serving others at the Welcome Table.



And she works hard helping others. Notice the face.IMG_2422


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