Tasty Travel Series: Summer Vacation Freezer Food

“I gained five pounds during my vacation.” I hear this often during a workout from women at the gym. I’ve been pondering over this statement thinking about my own diet when I go on vacation. (Hey, we can’t always eat like a baby when we’re on vacation, can we?)

We rent a house equipped with the usual kitchen at the beach every year. (No, that’s not the beach house we rent, behind the baby, but that is my baby boy, two years ago). It’s nothing fancy with an island or gas stove. However, I make the most of it and cook during the week. We typically eat our usual fare for breakfast: cereals, pancakes, fruit and yogurt. We tend to eat a lot of sandwiches for lunches and we grill most of our dinners. We do splurge at least once for a dinner meal and a couple times for lunch. Feeding eight people is costly, so we may eat out only once this year. Did you catch that number? Our six has grown to eight. We bring my handicap adult brother-in-law along with us and we’re bringing our babysitter this year.

Because we’re eating our same healthy diet, we don’t come home with unwanted pounds. I do allow my children to splurge on chips and maybe an unhealthy cereal, but for the most part we eat what we usually do. Okay, we grab some fresh local seafood and grill our own. That’s not usual for us at home:)

When we save money eating at our beach home, we have extra money to splurge in other areas, such as water parks, site seeing and admissions to museums.

Eating at home requires planning. This year I’m planning to bring more freezer convenience items:

This is just the preliminary list I’m packing. Frozen items will go on ice in a cooler and go directly to the freezer when we get there. I’ll be sharing more of my list as our vacation draws closer.

Oh and I won’t forget my thawing box!! I need it to thaw foods each day. See why you  desperately need one here.

You can begin a list of items to take with you depending upon your space, whether it’s in a full-size kitchen or hotel kitchenette.

How about you? Do you mainly eat out or eat at home while you’re on vacation? Would you like to save money on food and spend it elsewhere on fun memories? Begin your freezer list now.

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