Tasty Travel Series: Picnic Planning with Freezer Food

I’m not a food snob, I promise. I just enjoy good food even when I picnic. Here’s a an easy meal that my friend and I pulled off together. She brought the thawed marinated chicken and I brought the fixins’.

A glimpse of the food I packed…


Green salad with strawberries and feta cheese.


Frozen Naan (Indian flatbread). I batch cook one dozen on the stove top and freeze.


Par-Cooked Sweet Potato Fries ready for Grilling (recipe coming this week)

2 ladies actually stopped by and asked us for a sample!


Don’t forget the dessert-Freezer Ghirardelli chewy chocolate chip cookies (already baked)-I love that.

Ready to go inside our rolling cooler-the frozen items keep the salad cold.


I almost forgot, I sweet talked my hubby to make homemade limeade since it’s his first day off work for the summer (he’s a teacher).


Here’s how the meal comes together at the picnic ground. This is my friend’s thawed marinated chicken on the grill.


We topped our green salad with the chicken and had a side of warmed naan wrapped in foil.


The kiddos liked the sweet potato fries dipped in ketchup.


And the little ones enjoyed the cookies for dessert. They didn’t have to sit at the table to enjoy.


Picnics can be fun, easy and delicious with a little prior planning and freezer foods.

Have you ever used your freezer food for a picnic?

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