Tasty Travel Series: Packing for Vacation

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Some items are easier to pack as a mix (dry ingredients only with the directions to add wet ingredients)…

Buttermilk pancakes , granola bars and no rise whole wheat pizza crust will be on our vacation menu.

What else am I packing for our vacation? The usual swimsuits, sunscreen, pack and play, sippy cups and lots FREEZER FOOD. This will take up as much space as a couple of suitcases, but let me tell you ladies, it’s all worth it. This will save us a bundle of money, time and energy traveling off the inlet to a grocery store. We’ll have more money to spend on FUN like museums, movies, water parks and more. I will spend LESS time in the kitchen and more time with my family.

Here’s the preliminary list I started here and now it’s finalized to this list I’m packing for a four and a half hour drive. I’ll do a small grocery order for fresh items when we get there. This is going to serve 8 people for seven days.



  • frozen marinated chicken fajita and three local steaks for southwest steak fajitas, plus

FWD: David Brown <*)))><




And note to self: Don’t forget the thawing box. Read why here.

Honestly, I’ve never packed so much freezer food. I’m excited to see how easily our menus will come together with very little money invested.

What food items do you pack for vacation? Do you pack freezer foods?

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