Tasty Travel Series: Camping with freezer food at Crazy Horse Campground

Steak and crock pot baked potatoes, pumpkin bread, apple crisp over the fire, grilled pizza, breakfast bagel bites…we really did camp and rough it, can’t you tell?

We were blessed to have two camping family friends right next door. We pooled our food together and enjoyed a fuss-free weekend. I prepared quite a bit prior to the camping trip (pulled out a few our freezer foods and wrapped a few potatoes). Every time I prepare ahead I am so thankful when I’m reading a book, taking pictures of my kid’s going down water slides or walking around the pond with a friend. Prepping the food allows me to have even more family time. We don’t eat too shabby, either.

Crazy Horse is a camp ground in Gatlinburg, TN I visited as a child. There’s the original concrete water slide from years ago (I won’t tell how many). The kiddos (all ten-my four plus two other families) enjoyed the pool, water slide, arcade, playground and fishing pond. They also have a stage area where the kiddos participate in a “Jack Tale” play on Saturday evening. Between the bike rides and return trips to the general store for candy, they made it to bed by tenish. Or maybe elevenish. I know my kids were well worn out by the weekend.

Here’s what was on our menu:

Friday: Hebrew National hotdogs (the pioneer way over the camp fire), chips

RESEE SMORES!!! (used my make ahead smore box)

Saturday: Breakfast bagel bites and fruit

Homemade Trail Mix (cheddar bunnies, pretzels, dark chocolate chips, unsalted peanuts, cranraisins)

Grilled Chicken Pizza

Campfire apple crisp

Steak and baked potato bar (crock pot potatoes)

Sunday: Pumpkin chocolate chip bread,fruit

Turkey cheeseburgers, carrot sticks, leftover potatoes

Will we return to Crazy Horse Campground? YES. Will I cook and freeze more at home to spend more time with my family?


YES!!!!! I’m grateful for freezer food on my camping trips. Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

What’s your favorite camping foods?


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