Tasty Travel Series: Camping for 2 days

How much food does a family of six really need for a two day camping excursion? Try this much…


Plus some that I kept throwing in at the last minute.

Here’s a glimpse of what I packed along with the freezer meals I planned.



Freezer food in my thawing box: hotdogs, flatbread, pepperoni, frozen marinara, breakfast wraps, frozen taco meat (read why I use one here)


Our official Smores box which contains the following: graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars and marshmallows. We’re okay to use store-brand marshmallow and crackers, but don’t mess with the Hershey’s. However, I prefer dark chocolate;)


This is just another one of those handy dandy clear shoe boxes I use all the time. I reload this box for each camping trip and it’s an easy thing to grab or tell a child to grab the “Smore Box.” It stores nicely in the camper cabinets without being crushed.

What’s on the camping menu?

D-Hebrew National hotdogs, leftover sweet potato fries with ketchup, salad, smores

B-Frozen Breakfast wraps with eggs and local sausage and bananas

L-Grilled flatbread pizza made from frozen flatbread, grilled veges, carrots for the kiddos

D-5 minute tacos,corn, sun chips, carrots, smores

B-Cheerios with blueberries

L-sandwiches, sun chips, carrots, watermelon

Snacks: popcorn, fruit, cheese

Stay tuned to see our camping post with the location and freezer food in detail. This is linked to Finer Things Friday and It’s a Keeper and Ultimate Recipe Swap.

What are your favorite camping food?






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