Tasty Travel Series: Camping at Cascade Lake

We had a great time camping for two days at Cascade Lake in Little River (close to Brevard, NC).

The kids enjoyed the bike trails, swimming lake with the beach area and fishing.




I am able to spend more time with my family and less time in the camper kitchen by taking along some of our favorite freezer food.

We had 5 minute tacos… (cooked in batches at home and frozen)

0616011304.jpg 0616011303a.jpg

hotdogs (microwaved them because we had a bad hail storm the first night and we weren’t able to get the propane hooked up for dinner.

But they were still good with the slaw and salad I made ahead.


Everyone ate the freezer breakfast wraps I made ahead


Our neighbor had a primitive way of cooking his steak, which smelled wonderful…

0616011717.jpg but I had a plan in motion and they tried our pizza samples;)

Thegrilled Italian veges and grilled pizza I made on frozen naan was perfect after a long swim.

0616011847.jpg 0616011857a.jpg

0616011901.jpg 0616011857.jpg

And no one goes camping without the make ahead smore box.

Dark chocolate smores anyone?

0616011935.jpg 0616011921.jpg

Camping the easy, relaxing way with freezer food.


What are your favorite make ahead camping foods?

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  1. Paula

    I love this idea. I froze a couple meals the last time we went camping and it was so helpful. I froze sloppy joe meat and chili. It just took a few minutes to warm up and we could eat.

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