Taco and Tomato Basil Pizza-Creative Leftovers

I love it when I don’t waste food. In my toddler world, I feel like I throw enough food away when the 2 1/2 year-old doesn’t eat his baby carrots or tilapia. Still, I expose it to him the recommended ten times hoping he will try it on the sixth or seventh presentation. Oddly enough, Caleb does eat carrots and tilapia on occasion, especially when he sees us eating it:)

Moving onto leftovers. I had some leftover taco meat in my refrigerator and I thought I should present it in a new way so I made taco pizza on fresh flatbread I had made from scratch, but store-bought pita or flatbread will work too. I sprinkled taco meat and cheese on top of the bread and baked it on 350 until the cheese was melted, about 10 minutes. It would work well with refried beans as the base, but I left it off for the kid’s sake. It would also be fantastic with salsa and sour cream on top.

In addition to the taco pizza, I made tomato basil. I started with pizza sauce, layered provolone on top and thinly sliced Roma tomatoes, sprinkled it with sweet basil and parmesan cheese. I baked these along with the taco pizza for the kids. Pesto would also be a nice substitution for the pizza sauce.

After eating the tomato basil pizza, I would recommend either leaving off the pizza sauce or using pesto as the sauce, because it’s quite strong with Roma tomatoes and sauce.

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