Strawberry Shortcake with a twist

Combining fruits and vegetables


Hooray, I’ve found a new way to get  my kids to consume a fruit and vegetable at the same time. It’s a healthy treat using my freezer zucchini bread and topping it with the usual strawberry shortcake ingredients. Now that berry season is here, this is frugal, easy and delicious. I know this would work well for any summer seasonal fruit, such a blueberries, blackberries or peaches. I’m so excited that my kids like the healthified version (half applesauce replacing some of the oil and white whole wheat flour) of zucchini bread because I stocked my freezer with it. See the shredding and freezing techniques here and check out my recipe.

Instead of having the same old zucchini bread for snacks, I’ll make it a healthy dessert using different fruits. What’s your favorite topping idea for this zucchini bread?


P.S. Zucchini muffins work well too. Slice one and sandwich the topping in between for a fun treat. Keep individually frozen muffins or slices in the freezer for this occasion.

This is linked to Amy’s Finer Things Friday

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