Steak and Cheese Subs

Here’s a sub I whipped up from my freezer in 15-minutes. I’ve featured it before as a shredded beef or Italian beef sandwich, but I decided to add the peppers and onions while I cooked the meat. The end result was delicious. We enjoy ours on a toasted hoagie roll with mozzarella or provolone cheese and shredded lettuce.

Here’s the easy crock pot recipe which I serve one night and freeze the rest.

Friendly freezing reminders:

  • Label and date quart size bags
  • Cool beef completely before bagging (meat can be refrigerated and bagged the next day)
  • Freeze with some of the cooking juice so the meat is not dry
  • Gently squeeze out the air
  • Freeze flat
Sub Prep Tips:
  • Toast or broil the hoagie roll before piling on meat
  • Heat the beef on the stove-top or microwave (I use the microwave for about 5 minutes)
  • Shred the beef with two forks and pile it as desired
  • Top with mozzarella shreds or sliced provolone
  • Broil or high until melted
  • Serve with shredded lettuce or steak sauce or marinara for dipping on the side
What’s your favorite way to eat a steak and cheese sub?
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