Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen a New Way

blueberry muffin

Instead of wiping a container or shifting a box in a more eye pleasing manner, can it be discarded because it contains the same ingredient used to winterize RVs or perform colonoscopies? Astonishingly, there are food products with the same hidden ingredients, such as propylene glycol which is often used in many commercial blueberry muffins {Hungry for Change, 2012}.

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Click here if you’re interested in spring cleaning your kitchen and your body and finish reading this article.

Every year I take baby steps to eating a diet with more local foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed. This means I’m freezer cooking more because it’s frugal, better for our environment and healthier.

Over the years I’ve taken steps to eat healthier, such as ordering grassfed beef in bulk (100#), grinding my own white wheat berries and baking at home more.

I’ve added a couple more baby steps this year, like grating my own cheese from a block (simple, but takes a few minutes), trying to start a tiny garden and freezer cooking more.

You’ll see my extensive menus each week, but I have a system that works for me. Try making a system work for you and taking baby steps if you want to eat healthier.

I’d love for you to share your feedback, tips, steps you’ve taken and read my article for insight if you’re new to eating whole foods. God bless your efforts. He will indeed bless those baby steps.

Have you taken any spring cleaning steps to clean your body?

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