Southwest Taco Burgers

Man Burger-just in time for Father’s Day. Let him load his burger the way he likes.


Why do we crave a burger when we go out to eat? Is it because it’s just better from home? Maybe, but I look for unusual combinations, other than the basic lettuce, tomato and pickle, if I’m going to order a burger. How about making your own unusual combination from home.

I’ve been experimenting with this out of this world freezer rub I made a week ago. I stow in on the side of my freezer and rub it on steaks and now burgers. I’m starting fish and chicken next week–stay tuned. Click here for the recipe.

This plain burger was an easy fix. I thawed four burgers in my plastic thawing box (6 quart plastic shoebox). I bought local meat so mine is vacuumed sealed.


I’ve rubbed the southwest rub generously on both sides. Did you know this step can be done ahead of time. You can rub and freeze a batch of burgers for easy summer grilling. Click here to see how I package mine for freezing. You can also freezer turkey cheeseburgers ahead of time.


I fire up my grill and pretend I don’t work at Burger King.


Then I add colby jack cheese and allow it to melt. I top mine with fresh pico de gallo I make from a combination of fresh cilantro, diced tomatoes and finely chopped onions with a squeeze of lime juice and dash of kosher salt. I’ll do a separate post on this because it is wonderful on everything. I truly mean it.


I forgot to snap a picture, but hubby and I put three sliced pickled jalepenos on top of the pico. It was so good! This is no ordinary burger–it’s bursting with flavor.

I’m going to try these with pepper jack cheese.  Or perhaps a dallop of sour cream. Hey, it could be a taco burger bar at the Browns. I definitely need to make these again at my next cook out. Time to invite some friends.

Ladies, this makes an awesome Father’s Day burger, hint hint. Click here for more ideas from Beauty and Bedlam.

What’s your favorite burger combination?

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