Southwest Steak Birthday Dinner and Beyond

Now this is a man’s steak! I rubbed my freezer southwest seasoning over both sides of this enormous steak and grilled it myself, thank you very much. It was my husband’s birthday and I gave him a night off from grilling and cleaning. I took my lessons from the Peddler Steakhouse college waitress days and brushed the steaks with real butter right before serving. I think this is a meal fit for a king. I grilled a couple extra steaks for steak quesadillas.

I also baked a double batch of potatoes and kept them hot in the crock pot on warm setting until we were ready to eat. I wash all my potatoes and pat dry. Then I rub them with canola oil and sprinkle with kosher salt and wrap in foil (I learned this at the Peddler, too). I have extra potatoes to make hashbrowns later this week. A little planning goes a long way.I like the crock pot because it can hold a variety of foods and keep them warm. Did you know you can bake potatoes wrapped in foil in the crock pot? I’ve never done it until our last camping trip.

I baked two loaves of Artisan bread like Carrabbas along with the olive oil dipping sauce, which is my husband’s favorite. With all of this food plus a spinach salad, we didn’t put a dent in the bread. I’m freezing an extra loaf for a breakfast casserole on Christmas morning. We’re having the bread with our freezer potato soup this week.

I also made a peppermint red velvet cake which I’m sharing tomorrow. Stay tuned for the perfect Christmas or birthday cake.

Who knew a birthday dinner could go beyond the first meal?

Have you ever cooked enough for the entire week?

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