Southwest Crock Pot Chicken

Did you know a whole chicken could feed fifteen to twenty people? It can if you incorporate it into a casserole. My go to recipe for this southwest chicken is homemade chicken enchiladas.

I remove the cooked whole chicken to a chopping board and allow it to cool enough to handle. Then I separate the chicken from the bone and skin. I put this back into the crock pot and proceed to make crock pot stock for homemade enchilada sauce. I went ahead and quadrupled this recipe because I wanted to make Mexican rice and cheesy pinto beans with the sauce. This is such a frugal way to make enchiladas and feed a whole lot of people and the taste is amazing just like a Mexican restaurant.


1 whole chicken, rinsed with the giblets removed

3 tablespoons homemade southwest seasoning or store-bought taco seasoning without MSG

Easy Directions:

Sprinkle or rub seasoning on top of the chicken. Crock on low for eight hours for fall off the bone tender chicken. Try the sticky chicken method cooked on foil balls  if you want a firmer chicken like a store-bought rotisserie chicken. This method takes about four hours.

Whether you want to feed a large crowd and host a Mexican fiesta or you want to stock your freezer with a whole lot of enchiladas or convenience chicken, this is the way to go. I’m hooked on Southwest Crock Pot chicken.

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