Southwest Chili Salad

Who says taco salad has to be topped with taco meat only? Not I. I will top our salads with any leftover chili, beans or cooked taco meat. Since I’m always doubling and freezing extra, taco salad comes together in a snap when there’s an abundance of beans. Try topping your next bed of lettuce and chips with leftover chili. I know it’s the “Wendy’s” way of doing taco salad, but it could become your favorite frugal way to use leftovers or just change things up a bit.

All our leftovers can be frozen and reheated to make our favorite salads. Here’s our favorite ways to top our salads:

Or you can save in the fridge up to four days. Eat “as is” on the first day and make it a salad on the fourth day. This method is great for working moms to have a night off cooking.
P.S. We made this exact meal for our monthly outreach at the homeless shelter and the women and kids loved it. We had some coming back for thirds, which is unusual. It’s quite frugal and feeds a crowd.
How do you use your leftovers?


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