Sneaky Taco Meat {No Pink Slime}




You’ll only find orange and green slime in my taco meat. That’s what my kiddos would say if they saw the taco meat right now. I’m being a bit sneakier than ususal for this freezer batch and adding shredded carrots (frozen from juicing) and freshly frozen pureed spinach. I’m mixing it in as I brown the meat. I brown my meat finely using this tip here. Here’s a freezer taco meat tutorial if you’ve never tried this batch cooking approach to make easy 5-minute tacos in a flash.

Here are my non-pink slime, sneaky add-in suggestions (add one or more):

  • Any fresh or frozen pureed or shredded vegetables you have on hand
  • Baby food purees (homemade or store-bought)
  • Flax Meal
  • Omega 3-Oil
  • Black beans and corn (great way to stretch meat further)
  • Pureed black or pinto beans

Remember you’re only adding more nutrition and they’ll never know unless they see you cooking it, so hurry, add stir, stir, stir :)

If your kiddos eat their vegetables well, consider yourself blessed and skip this step while you’re freezer cooking your next batch of taco meat.

Do you have any sneaky tricks for boosting nutrition?



6 thoughts on “Sneaky Taco Meat {No Pink Slime}

  1. Sarah Ramey

    I always add a green and a red pepper to my taco meat. It looks pretty and adds vitamin C. My family loves it. As a matter of fact, my taco meat is never just “meat” anymore. To one pound of meat (turkey or beef) I add two cans of drained black beans, a can of undrained Rotel, a cup of corn, a chopped onion, and one red and one green pepper. Finally, I stir in a can of refried beans and a pack of taco seasoning. It stretches the meat and makes it more nutritious. I can get three meals for my big eatin’ boys out of one pound of taco meat!

  2. Melissa

    My taco meat is usually at least 50% lentils, if not completely lentils. My family really enjoys it with all the seasonings, and toppings. I will also put the leftover “meat” in the food processor to turn it into “refried beans.” Lentils are very inexpensive compared to ground meat, very nutritious, and quick cooking.

    1. admin

      Melissa, I’ve never tried lentils in meat; I might just do that. I have some in my cabinet and I’ve tried it in soup, but my family didn’t care for it.

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