Sixty Bags of Chocolate Pretzels


We’re all about big giving at our house.  Since there’s six of us and we all had many teachers we wanted to share a treat with, it made since to go a little frugal. My husband and I took off to purchase three tubs of pretzel rods and white chocolate bark, sprinkles and treat bags. We only used two containers of white bark and about two and a half tubs of pretzels.

Originally we were looking for the large rods, but the smaller size worked out when we put six in each bag.

It was a fun way to get the whole family involved with the dipping and the sprinkling and the bagging.

IMG_1226Lots of smiles around here.IMG_1227Lots of smiles around here.

This Momma loves to watch her children working together for a common cause.


I was completely relieved we did all these bags in about two hours with kids. It was easy, frugal and delicious. We now have plenty of treats for all of our teachers since we all are in school.

What kind of frugal treats have you made this year?

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