6 No Cook Freezer Meals in 1 Hour

casserolesQuick, what’s your the easiest meal you can make for someone in need? Here’s my top six meals I made this week in about an hour. You must be asking how can six meals be made within an hour? The secret is “no cooking” or “no boiling” and very little prep. And guess what? These meals always get top raves by all and they are so easy to make you won’t believe your eyes. I seriously can make all of these in about ten minutes each because I know them on the back of my hand. It may take you about fifteen if it’s your first time around, but I promise if you make these frequently you will be efficient and quite possibly be able to shop for them off the top of your head. {I actually did the shopping for these without a grocery list}. I’ve made them that many times and love to deliver easy meals that don’t break the bank.

Because I’m a part of our ministry meals in our church, I’m often asked to deliver meals to the needy and this is a super easy list to get you started without making you feel overwhelmed. You can walk away feeling grateful you were able to help a family, new mom, co-worker or a local shelter. You’re not in the kitchen all day and you can fit into a tight schedule. We’re all busy, but not too busy to thank God for our blessings. What better way to say thank you with a “no cook” ministry meal.

I encourage you to double one of the following meals this week and stash one in your freezer for someone in need. Let me know how you like it and what kind of reactions you receive from the recipient.

I can’t wait to see the face of the mom receiving these meals. She is unable to drive and walk. What a blessing this will be for her.

…we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16

no boil three cheese manicotti

No Boil Cheese Manicotti

lasagna or manicottiNo Boil Cheesy Lasagna
cheesy black beansBlack Bean and Corn Casserole

Bean and Cheese Burritos: 1 can refried beans, 1 jar salsa, 2 cups cheese, 12 -16 wraps (adapted from Crystal’s recipe)

no boil mac and cheese bakeCrock Pot No Boil Mac and Cheese

brunch casserole
Blender Brunch Casserole

Who can you bless with a “no cook” ministry meal this week?

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