Shortcut Smores

Here’s the EASIEST way to assemble smores at your next camping trip or outdoor event (this is a fun treat at your next cook out using your grill) Roast two marshmallows to your liking: either toasty or burnt and smash them between two fudge striped shortbread cookies and wait for the chocolate to melt.

Sometimes the cookie never makes it to the marshmallow.

Or the marshmallow never makes it to the cookie.

But that’s okay, there’s always a sticky nose with a smile in the end.

Two ingredients: marshmallows and fudge striped cookies; no unwrapping or breaking a part chocolate squares, now that’s a shortcut. It’s really a shortcut at your next outdoor picnic using your grill (you won’t have to make a dessert).

Just in case you  love the basic smore, see how I pack a smore box for our trips and check out the Reese Smores!

How do you like your smores?

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2 thoughts on “Shortcut Smores

  1. Jules

    We frequently camp or have backyard campfires and with three little, am always looking for things to make my life easier. This one that I’ll go out and get for this weekend’s campfire!

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