Shhhhh, sneaky cooking

Winter is upon us and we have the sniffles. In fact, my oldest is home from school today with a bad cold. I contribute catching colds to not washing our hands enough and keeping colds to lack of good nutrition. I know if our bodies eat right we can combat colds easier and possibly stay healthy in addition to washing hands.

It’s easy to eat nutritiously if we are eating the recommended five fruits and vegetables a day, but what are vitamins for? Ironically, I bought a vitamin that stated it had 26 fruits and vegtables and it helped with energy. Eating vegetables is easier for me during the summer with everything looking so fresh and tasty, but the winter becomes a challenge for me and my kids.

Last year I bought three cookbooks in hopes of boosting my children’s vegetable intake. As I’ve said before, they are not great vegetable eaters so I’m aiming to sneak vegetable puree into their cooked foods. I got out my cookbooks to skim through again this year and I’m going to give it a whirl.

The main idea behind both sneaky cooking authors is using vegetable puree in foods that somewhat match in color. For example, we all think of banana bread as healthy and the banana blends well, but how about brownies with spinach puree or prunes. Or how about macaroni with sweet potato or squash puree? I’m going to try making the chicken tenders coated with  cauliflower puree and panko breadcrumbs.

The two cookbooks that I’m experimenting with is The Sneaky Chef by Missy Lapine and Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. Explore do it delicious and sneaky chef for free recipes and ideas.

Since I’m buying and making baby food, I’m hoping this will be easier to implement. I’m even going to try substituting store-bought baby food for the homemade puree (which I think will be thicker) and see if this will be a successful timesaver. I’ll let you know and I’ll be posting my favorite recipes.

Do you have a picky eater like me? What are your tips/tricks to get your child to eat more vegetables?

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