Saving Money On Meat

Let’s face it. Meat is expensive. A good cuts of meat is more expensive and organic meat is the most expensive. Our family is participating in the Hickory Nut Gap Farm Meat CSA and we’re receiving local grassfed meat, pork and poultry. This is our first year and I’ve mentioned why we chose to do this in our Better Health series.

Even if you’re not buying local meat, the grocery store prices are climbing. Buying meat on sale is one way to save money, but how about stretching even further by:

  • dicing, slicing or chopping
  • adding vegetables
  • adding fruit
  • serving it on, in or mixed with a healthy carbohydrate (like a wrap, calzone, pizza crust, rice or pasta)
Not only are we adding healthy fiber, minerals and vitamins with our meat, but we’re cutting our cholesterol by serving less meat and it’s healthy for our pocketbook. I grilled four of the sweet Italian sausages and used approximately one and half sliced and diced on our pesto pizza for dinner. I freeze the leftover cooked sausages for another quick pasta meal or breakfast wraps. By implementing the strategies above, I’ve stretched our four sausage links into three or possibly four meals (because we had leftover pizza).
What’s your favorite way to save on meat?

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