Sante Fe Grilled Chicken Salad

Are you ready for Spring? Here’s a delicious fresh salad I made with a combination of black bean and corn salad, grilled Chicken Fajita convenience chicken and grated cheddar cheese. You won’t need any dressing or sour cream because the black bean and corn salad has a slightly tangy dressing like flavor that enhances this salad.

I start with a handful of baby greens for the bed of the salad. I top it with as much black bean and corn salad as desired. I like a lot. Then I toss some thawed grilled convenience chicken on top and sprinkle just a little cheddar.

There’s no exact measurements today so I hope you don’t mind. It’s just a simple salad made with simple ingredients I’ve frozen like marinated chicken and black beans. I created the black bean and corn salad earlier this week and the recipe makes a huge bowl full to enjoy all week. I had a thawed bag of grilled, sliced chicken in the fridge for quick lunches. Today was a quick lunch. P.S. Convenience chicken can thaw in a bowl of cold water if you get the urge.

This is a nice light dinner meal with blue tortilla chips or how about a main entree for giving away. Prepare the salad, bagging the black bean and corn separately. Ask the recipient to toss it with the salad prior to serving. It’s a ministry meal in a snap.

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