Sam’s Club Open House – August 3-5 {Free for non-members}

Sams Club Logo Sams Club Open House August 5, 6, 7

Sam’s Club is having an Open House this weekend, August 3-5, 2012.  Everyone is welcome, members and nonmembers.  Their open house is specifically beneficial for those that are not Sam’s Club members, since the customary 10% fee is waived this weekend for nonmembers.  This could be a great time to stock up on some freezer cooking items. I buy bulk cheese, organic spinach, #10 can of crushed tomatoes for freezer marinara, and honey for homemade granola and no-bake granola bars on a monthly basis.

I use a lot of yeast for Artisan bread dough in the winter and feel it is the best buy there!

What items do you feel are a great savings?

Thanks, Moneysavingmom!

4 thoughts on “Sam’s Club Open House – August 3-5 {Free for non-members}

  1. Brandette W.

    I LOVE Sam’s! I do a monthly shopping trip there as well. Usually on our list is: bulk spices, ziploc bags, toilet paper, diapers & wipes, honey, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, yeast, Aquafina, mayo, olive oil, mac n cheese, fresh mozzarella, frozen tyson chicken breasts, salmon, frozen shrimp, Tillamook cheeses, milk, heavy cream & half and half, fresh fruits/veggies, canned veggies, pretzel thins, Egglands eggs, Aunt Millie’s bread. All of these things are items that I can not find cheaper in our area by oz even using coupons and sales combined.

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