Restaurant Baked Potatoes for a Crowd {DIY Potato Bar)

potato bar

We all know potatoes are frugal, so why not turn them into a thrifty meal to serve a lot of guests? You can feed a large crowd for pennies when you find them for a bargain. $2.99 or less for a 10# bag is a great stock up price in my area. I usually buy at least two bags and incorporate them into a mission meal or party gathering. Since I worked at the Peddler Steakhouse during my college years, I learned how to make our delicious restaurant potatoes {the kind you like to eat the skin}. Here’s how we prepared them back in my college days with my home tips included :)

1. Scrub down the kitchen sink and make sure it’s very clean. Dump your potatoes on one side and clean and scrub with a brush very well. Move to the other side.


2. Grab your favorite oil {canola is our economical choice} and lightly drizzle over the potatoes in the sink. Rub the oil all over each potatoes using your hands. Sprinkle a moderate amount of kosher or sea salt on each potato. Move the potatoes around as necessary.



3. Transfer the potatoes to a baking sheet or stone and bake in a 400 degree oven for more than an hour for this large amount. I usually check the smaller potatoes after an hour and remove them. The potatoes should pierce easily with a fork when done.






I also do the squeeze test with an oven mitt. I’ll squeeze the sides and see if they give a little. Keep warm by placing them in a stainless steel bowl and covering with a towel to absorb moisture. When I take them out for a mission meal. I’ll place in several baskets and place bath towels over top.


4. Set up a delicious variety of potato bar items:


DIY baked potato bar is THE frugal way to go when feeding a crowd, plus it’s just plain fun to top your potato with all sorts of goodies.

Any way you serve them, they are delicious!







Have you ever made a potato bar? Do you have any creative topping ideas?



4 thoughts on “Restaurant Baked Potatoes for a Crowd {DIY Potato Bar)

  1. heartlandroad

    I love baked potatoes. And I love the fact you can make as many as will fit in the oven, and it doesn’t take that much longer to cook them. I generally cook for over an hour anyway. How many people did you feed with that ovenful?

  2. Nan

    Thank you for the info on baking so many potatoes at once! I too am a mom on a mission, and will be baking potatoes to serve at a homeless shelter tonight. God bless the work of our hands!!

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