Remodel Continues: A Hole in the Wall

IMG_0626I went back to school teaching hoping to have my remodel complete, but everyone who’s had construction work done knows better. Here I am on super busy day two of school and the lighting and drywall is still going up slowly, but shortly. I scurried on the last teacher workday to change out my existing lighting that we purchased ahead of time on Craigslist. It ended up being too long of a pendant obstructing our view and I decided to purchase new ones.

IMG_0638I went with clear, flat contemporary shades for the mini pendant lights and chose this back splash to tie in our existing laminate counter with black granite bar.  It’s been quite hectic with all four Brown children officially off to school. The last little Brown started Kindergarten and made this Momma’s heart pitter patter.

I’d like to post more of our freezer meals and happenings, but I’ve run out of steam and time. More remodel pictures coming soon. Thank you for your patience and I’d appreciate your prayers :)



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