Reindeer Pancakes {Now and Later in the Freezer}


My five-year-old begs for reindeer pancakes during this time of year. They are not complicated and since we’re making our usual white whole wheat pancake recipe that I always double. I might as well make a sleigh full. I make six for breakfast for dinner night and a whole other sleigh full for the freezer. It’s nice to be able to pull these out of the freezer nearly ready to eat without measuring, mixing, pouring and cooking. Only reindeer accessories are necessary.

We use chocolate chips for eyes and a dried cranberry for the nose. Of course the antlers can be any type of bacon you wish, but we eat turkey bacon here. The nose and eyes can be very versatile using what you have on hand or fresh or frozen fruit. The red nose can be a fresh rasberry, small strawberry, red cinnamon heart or any other red food item around your house.



I used candy last year and more bacon for the antlers. Very versatile and fun as you can see. We like our reindeer and my daughter won’t let me forget to make them.


I pour a larger circle with ears as if I were making a bear. Then I make a smaller circle. I use a 1/4 measuring cup for the large circle and add a little dallop for the ears. The smaller circle is about 1/8 or half of the 1/4 measuring cup. Then I stack the smaller circle on top of the larger one and add cooked bacon for antlers.

These are fun to present to the family with a fried egg on the side.

IMG_1180And guess what? We have plenty more in the freezer for quick reindeer next time.

I love freezer cooking reindeer, lol. Anyone else made any holiday pancakes lately?

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