Reference for Fridge and Freezer

Question Mark Clip Art

Do you have anything green and fuzzy growing in your refrigerator, which is not a science experiment? I hope not, but I have found a few questionable things in mine before. How many times do we wonder if something is good or not based on smell or sight or even date?

Raise your hand if you’ve bought meat and planned on cooking it, but left it in the fridge too long. You weren’t quite sure if it was good or not when you decided to cook.  I see some hands raised out there.

I found this handy dandy fridge and freezer Reference Guide to post on the outside of your fridge. Drop it in a plastic sleeve to protect it and refer to it the next time you are unsure whether the food is safe to eat.  Did you know boiled eggs (world’s easiest) have a week long shelf-life? If you’ve dated your plastic bag with a sharpie and you have this guide on your fridge, you’re in good shape.

Freezer bags are great for leftovers. They lay flat, you can see what’s inside and they can be written on.  They allow you to see your leftovers and remind you to use your leftovers creatively. If it’s not on your menu plan, freeze it within 24 hours and eat it fresh on another day.

I’ll be posting more references to safety issues in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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