Recipe Index Updated {Dozen new freezer meals}

13 freezer meals

I’ve finally added over a dozen recipes to the index that got buried into the archives. I still have much work to do organizing and adding thumbnail images one day, but for now at least I have them updated. I’m looking for a reasonable virtual assistant to help me organize my archives and recipes. Let me know if you know someone or you are one! Meanwhile, enjoy all the recipes I’ve made for my family and thousands of others over the years.

As I led a class at a local church this weekend, I was reminded how much I love helping others both near and far. I am encouraged by your kind words and I am blessed to be back in the classroom teaching high school foods. I got three new classes this week and I overheard a student trying to get a friend to switch to my class. He was sharing the hands-on activities that I led the day before. It thrilled my heart that he said it was fun and cool. He comes in every day and asks what we are doing. I just love helping others learn to cook no matter what the age. I’m blessed to share my experiences with so many.

I hope your week is a blessing too!

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