Rathbun House Mission Meal for 75 {freezer chili, salad and apple crisp}

What can twelve women do? They can feed 75 people an enormous piping pot of chili. This month’s mission meal at our local hospital home was a huge success with a little freezer help. The Rathbun House is similar to the Ronald McDonald House near large hospitals. They house families with ongoing circumstances up to two weeks free of charge.

How we did it:

I used our facebook page to ask twelve ladies to prep a gallon size freezer bag of chili. It went into my freezer until serving day. I thawed the bags the day before in my handy thawing boxes (plastic shoe boxes) to catch condensation.

We also had local organic green leaf lettuce for Caesar salad and apples donated for freezer apple crisp.

The apples weren’t perfect, but it didn’t matter. I got to work with my apple peeler corer gizmo and prepped eight bags to go into the freezer. This  wasn’t a job I did in one day. I just took my time and spaced it over three days when I had nothing else to do :) However, I did use my food processor to prep the topping on the serving day.

I was still accepting fresh chili on the serving day as well. I accumulated about five more bags on this day. We combined them all in a huge turkey brine stock pot and it worked great. I also used two other large stock pots. And we had a vegetarian chili in a crock pot.

Everything went smoothly, even the transportation to the house, using a child’s wagon that provided.

I was so grateful to be able to help our local hospital and learn there was a reason why God placed them on my heart. The Thursday volunteer coordinator told me it had been at least six months since she’d seen a homemade meal delivered. Wow, I’m thinking I’ll have to plan this event again, perhaps once a quarter.

I share this event to inspire you or your mother’s group, neighborhood, school or office to prayerfully consider preparing a meal for a large group. As you can see, it takes more delegation than actual work. It appears to be a lot of food, but God can multiply chili just like he did the loaves of fish and bread.

Search for a shelter, hospital home or other center to bless. We are all so blessed with food and my passion is to share this blessing with others.

Have you considered serving a large meal at a shelter or home lately?

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