Quicker Baked Sweet Potato Tricks

What’s grilled steak or chicken without a big, soft baked potato, right? I know we’re all pressed for time, but still want the authentic “baked” taste. Here’s a tip I use to achieve the same soft interior of a oven baked potato only it’s cooked in the microwave. Shhhhhh, I never tell guests. It just appears it’s baked in foil in the oven for over an hour.

I start the usual way for microwaving a potato, whether it’s a russet or a sweet potato. I wash with a brush and pierce it with a knife because it’s easier to poke (we say that in the South). Then I microwave on high for about six minutes for the average size potato. After it’s done (easily pokes with a knife), I immediately wrap it in foil. The foil steams the potato and gives it a softer texture inside.

Unwrap, slice open the potato lengthwise and push both sides of the potato toward the center with the forefingers and thumbs. Careful, they call it a hot potato for a reason. Have some of you seen the Wendy’s employee smash open your potato this way? I worked at a Steakhouse throughout college so I should know this trick.

Now you have a potato with a softer texture that closer resembles an oven potato verses a rubbery microwaved potato. Can anyone relate? No more buying the expensive potatoes wrapped in plastic in the produce section with these easy tips. Go for the big frugal bag (10 pounds) when it goes on sale for 3.99 or less.

Did you miss how to bake potatoes in the crock pot with or without foil? Check out the posts and wow your guests the next time you grill a meal. Faux baking potatoes has never been easier. Whole, sliced, diced or mashed are all freezer friendly.

What’s your favorite entree with a baked potato?

We like ours with Alice Spring Chicken (Outback) Style.

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