Put on Christ


Choosing what to wear to work can be a difficult choice for a woman. It all depends on your mood. Perhaps you feel tired and run down, then choose a bright colored shirt to lift your spirits. Perhaps you want to exude a sense of authority, then choose a pair of high heeled boots. For women, clothes make a statement of who we are, how we feel, and who we want to be. It was my first year teaching 8th grade. I was their sixth substitute and they were determined they were going to run me off.

I remember taking a deep breath, trying to gather confidence before walking into that room full of hormonal teens. That semester I wore a pair of high heeled black boots almost everyday. Why? Each time I zipped up those boots, I felt like I was putting on confidence. I don’t know if it was some external force or those boots that made me feel I could manage those rambunctious teens, but I am still teaching eighth grade.

Just as putting on those boots gave me confidence, we should gain our confidence as Christians from putting on Christ each day. Can Christ be put on in the morning and taken off and hung up at night? Yes, he can be. However, as Christians we should strive to put on Christ and never take Him off. He’s not just a trendy accessory but a classic piece-one that will never go out of style.

This morning, before you go out into the world, ask God to dress you with His face, His confidence, His compassion, and His love. No only will you feel styl’in, but others will want to know what you’re wearing!

Dress your best. Dress in Christ!



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