Pumpkin muffins, granola bars and cookies, oh my!

I strive to make our kid’s lunch box items homemade without preservatives. I know it’s easier to purchase and  pack a processed snack cake, but it’s not healthier. With this in mind, I make a variety of items to rotate in the kid’s lunches, like granola bars, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, quick breads and healthy cookies. I bake them and prepare individually. Then I freeze them in batches and vary what I pack to keep it interesting.

Ideally if you’re able to bake ahead and freeze a couple of items and freeze them in small batches, it gives children a variety and they are less likely to complain. You may have more of a battle if you’re trying to switch over from processed to homemade. Therefore, duplicate what they like. Okay, don’t duplicate a hostess cake with a shelf life of twenty years, but DO make chewy whole wheat chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal bites.

My suggestions for making the transition easier includes:

  • Make your family favorites-go for cookies if that’s what they want
  • Start implementing white whole wheat flour slowly substituting one half of the white flour with white wheat flour (King Arthur or Eagle Mills)
  • Use full amounts of sugar at first and back down gradually
  • Later try raw or  Demerara sugar (I purchase mine in the bulk section of Earthfare)
  • Finally, only use white whole wheat flour in all your favorite recipes
Before you know it, the word “homemade” will be common in your home. Homemade this and homemade that.Your taste buds will prefer homemade over store-bought, I promise.
What are your favorite homemade lunch box treats for your kids?

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